Rapid Post Edge protection

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No drilling or fixings means reduced exposure to harmful dust and extended height and full containment can be achieved with this system.

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Designed for the construction industry, the Rapid Post is an efficient and versatile compression post solution requiring little maintenance and is available to the construction industry today. A proven and time served solution that continues to perform worldwide, the Rapid Post gives the ultimate safer work zone! Rapid Post delivers a full range of benefits. It reduces labour and time expenditure costs, reduces installation by more than 10 x compared with the traditional drill and fix methods, thereby linking your productivity savings with our Rapid Post and Panel System systems.



  • No tools are required.
  • Light, easy and fast to install.
  • Fully compliant with BSEN 13374:2013+A1.2018 Class A & B.
  • Zero penetration to the concrete slab = no repairs to slab.
  • A safety device on the post indicates correct installation.
  • Single, double and full containment solutions.
  • Minimal training needed (Ask us about EPF courses available to you).
  • 10x faster than traditional drill and fix systems.
  • Less exposure time to leading-edge working and no exposure to silica dust.
  • Less likelihood of HAVS.